Concept Illustration, for brands, print & people

Becca Turner




If you look close enough, the threads of my creative ideas are designed to find several points of meaning, no matter the initial outset. I love mixed messaging enveloped in to one final image. My intent is to create something memorable, you'll find on this page several points through my artistic journey, a few shifts in style and platform, but the ideology has always shared the same focus.

I began illustrating professionally over the last 2 years, since late 2015. I've always sketched with pen and ink until early 2017 where I sketch almost exclusively on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil (I'm not sponsored) but it's a great medium and so diverse, my drawings still are hand drawn.  I don't use anything except sketch tools and a pencil stylus, but this adds a whole new dimension to my original sketch based style - you'll see this in my most recent work.

I'm an illustrator by night but during the day I work in the coffee industry. That's not my only area of work, but it's dealt some great projects and relationships. When I'm not working on commission I'll usually have some old indie record playing & be sketching a movie portrait or icon - I adore the quirky 80's movie poster style which continues to influence my own work.